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Our TEAM is dedicated, hardworking, and determined to make a difference for Connecticut cats.  We are proud to say that many of our staff have been with the program since the start… and that’s a lot of cats! Here is who we are and what keeps us coming back for more. To reach a member of our staff, please email:

Donna J. Sicuranza , Executive Director

Trinity College, MA; Fairfield University, BA

“TEAM has been a catalyst for change. When we started nearly 20 years ago, the idea of providing affordable spay/neuter services for cats on a mobile clinic was almost unheard of. In fact, many people thought it would never work. Now, almost 200,000 cats later, TEAM is synonymous with spay/neuter in Connecticut and cost is no longer a deterrent to quality care for cats in our state.”


Art Heller , DVM, Senior Veterinary Surgeon

University of Minnesota, DVM

“TEAM allows me to have a tremendous and immediate impact on feline health and well-being. We provide a service that many cat owners would not otherwise be able to afford. We do so without frills and excessive cost while providing the best care that we can. The surgical technique that TEAM veterinarians practice for $90 is no different than the technique we would use in private practice.”


Kim Rio , DVM, Staff Veterinarian

Tufts University, DVM; Smith College, AB

“I enjoy surgery and promoting pet population control, in addition to helping people access great quality health care for their pets.”


Valerie G. Poettgen , DVM, Staff Veterinarian

University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine, DVM

“I believe that spaying and neutering cats is the most important thing we can do to keep them healthy, whether they are indoor pets, barn cats, or outdoor/feral cats.”


Dina Sicuranza , Senior Veterinary Technician

“After so many years, I know we are making a difference for our community and for animals…and I still like to see different cats every day!”


Susan King , Veterinary Technician

“I enjoyed several years of working in a traditional veterinary clinic, but it was difficult to see so many people unable to afford care for their pets. When the position at TEAM came along, I was excited because I felt this was something I could do to help and to feel like I was giving back.”


Lacey J. Chrystal , Program Coordinator

“I like working for a nonprofit that enables people to help their pets.”


Have an interest in joining our TEAM? Check out our Employment page to see if we are hiring.