Services & Supplies

Spay or Neuter Surgery


Includes vaccinations (rabies, distemper, upper/lower respiratory infection), nail
trim and ear mite treatment (if needed).

Additional fees as determined by our veterinarian

Convenia: $20

Hernia Repair: $40

Unilateral Cryptorchid: $475

Includes brief exam, sterilization surgery, vaccinations, and nail trim

For schedule, information, and appointment.
Call 1-888-FOR-TEAM (1-888-367-8326)

Other services and supplies include our kitten package, booster
vaccinations, and parasite prevention and treatment.

  • Kitten Package

    kittens 10 – 16 weeks
    Includes brief exam, first vaccinations,
    de-wormer, and ear mite treatment, if needed.

  • $50

  • Booster Vaccinations

    for spayed or neutered cats
    Includes ear mite treatment, if needed.
    Distemper, Upper/Lower Respiratory Infection Combo

  • $30 each

  • ParaMonthly Plus

    Single application of flea/tick treatment
    added to any veterinary service.

  • $10


These products are available for purchase as recommended by our veterinarian.

Profender (Topical Dewormer)


Ear Mite Treatment


Pick up at the mobile clinic on the day or surgery or call the TEAM office at 1-888-FOR-TEAM (1-888-367-8326) to order by mail. Shipping/handling charges apply. Services and supplies are non-refundable and available for Connecticut residents only.